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Well Biden Buddies......(now what)

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25-1-2021 19:13:12 Mobile | Show all posts |Read mode
All of you Democrats who have spent their last 4 years in Hell with President Trump, are finally free of him after all it took you over FOUR goddamn years of crying and whining about nothing in reality.  You all MUST know deep down how BS all of the complaining about trump really was in the long run - Hell, if I was in charge right now after all the fucking shit you gave trump (I mean you coulda at LEAST let him have just ONE month/even just one week as president without Leftists stirring SOMETHING up.
I just want an actual honest answer from a Biden Buddy... whether or not all that your party did to ensure a rough ride for trump while he was in office   even afterwards, you guys still just refuse to let down (for the record, I cannot have a shred of respect for anyone that is okay doing that, regardless who the person is doing it or who it's being done to, = ur trash under my used toilet paper wads ???????????????? and the sad thing - you'll never be able to see and accept it; trump wasn't so goddamn bad unless you overheard the mainstream news media's watery shit causing all this goddamn mess that we have now. But go on keep listening to their censorship n lies which they cant even keep straight for 12hrs before it goes off course and slams into a school bus full of 2nd grade children going to school for the day, ????and just continues driving like nothing happened.???????? you all wanted to push for equality and climate change; good luck with BIDEN ???????????????? we will all be super lucky if the next 4 years we don't enter a state of war with the things he is undoing already for no reason other than 'TRUMP TOUCHED IT!" KOODIES ARE SPREADING THRU D.C. NOW! LOCKDOWN!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????????? dumbasses

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